Southbourne Women's Boutique and Jewellery Shop Community Window logo
In a year like no other, the Sobo community pulled out all the stops to support their local high street with a passion and this has inspired my latest shop theme Community Is Our Strength.  To set the tone I designed the above artwork, which can be seen front and centre in our window and behind the counter instore I set about making a a bold statement in giant pink lettering.
Take a walk through the store with us.
Despite being closed I want to celebrate what makes Southbourne such a unique and inspiring place to own a small business.  I truly believe that a vibrant high street such as ours, filled with creative shops, restaurants and cafes is the heart of this community. 
creating the letter wall installationBournemouth fashion boutique shop display theme 
When thinking about this particular shop theme I turned back to my own memories when I was a  teenager spending my Saturdays wandering around the local shops with my friends trying on clothes, buying the latest records or just hanging out in a cafe watching the world go by. I remember the joy of the Woolworths Pic n Mix, the magic of the gift shops and the instant happiness of carrying home bags filled with goodies to rediscover when I got home.  These early experiences still stay fresh in my memory because of the personal connections made there, the feeling of belonging somewhere, a community.  I hope our shop spark similar memories for you!
community is our strength window display
Now the owner of my very own ladies boutique shop in Southbourne,  I can feel this sense of belonging from the other side of the counter because being an owner of an independent shop isn’t just about selling fashion and jewellery, it’s so much more, it’s the connections you make with your customers, the conversations, the caring about each other and getting to know each other on a deeper level.
I have met so many incredible people through being on our high street and I believe that if we all stick together and show love and support we will get through this pandemic and our high street and community will not only survive but thrive.
wall art for southbourne community display
You know the old saying ‘birds of a feather flock together’ right?  Well, that’s what it’s like in Sugar Mango, like-minded women flock together and create a magical strength that keeps me flying high.  To symbolise this I created flocks of paper birds flying around the shop.
ladies boutique shop in Bournemouth wall display
So this one’s all about you!  Celebrating when a group of people come together to support one another and create the world we want to live in.
women's clothing store BournemouthBournemouth Lifestyle Boutique Sugar Mango table display
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