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Shop the latest Danish ladies sneakers at SugarMango featuring brand Woden. Handmade in Denmark in leather with a cork insole for style and comfort. Enjoy Free UK Delivery on orders over £50.

How To Wear Women's Trainers?

Our sneakers look great with jeans, wear them without socks or trainer socks and tuck the laces in for a cool urban look.  When choosing sneakers to wear with skinny jeans go for a low profile style like our Woden Ydun shoes.

Which trainers are good for walking?

Our urban sneakers by Woden are designed for pounding the pavements, the cork insole really cushions your feet and gives you a bounce in your step.

How to wear trainers fashionably?

Women's luxury trainers or sneakers for fashion have never been better, Woden has styled comfort with stunning designs in metallic leather to fit your lifestyle.

These training shoes look great with skirts to, its really on trend to wear sneakers with maxi skirts and gives you great foot comfort at the same time.