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Sugar Mango Jewellery

A collection of semi-precious gemstone jewellery handmade in Bournemouth using sterling silver and 14 carat Gold Filled metals, with a boho style of mixing colours and small details of silver.
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pale blue boho necklace
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Copper Turquoise Briolette Necklace - SugarMango
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Paraiba Fluorite Earrings
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Gemstone Drop Necklace
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Why We Love Jewellery

Why SugarMango loves jewellery

The power of jewellery to enhance an outfit really is amazing, the smallest embellishment can transform your look.  Every woman has her own style when it comes to wearing jewellery, it can be interpreted in so many ways and what you choose reflects your personality and style, by layering bracelets and bangles to the current #neckmess trend of layering up.  

Why SugarMango jewellery is unique

We have a passion for gemstones and silver jewellery, we handmake many of our pieces so you can be sure of something truly special and unique, just like you are.  It’s the reason many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind so you can tell your own story through our jewellery and reflect your personality and mood with what you wear.  SugarMango jewellery is for all types of women, boho chic, classic statement or minimalist styles that give you that personal touch.

How to Wear Necklaces

Choose your type of jewellery to accent your outfit. When wearing a plunging neckline opt for a long necklace and layer multiple necklaces for a more dramatic look. Delicate necklaces are versatile enough to be worn with t-shirts or scooped neck tops. If your outfit is simple with no pattern give it the wow factor with a statement piece.

How to Wear Earrings

When it comes to earrings make sure they stand out, big or small, they need to contrast with your hair colour and be able to be seen, picking out your eye colour with a gemstone really lifts your colouring too.  You may even like to add an ear cuff for some extra coolness.