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Dress For Your Shape

Dress For Your Body Shape is aimed at women who struggle to dress for their size, shape or skin tone. Originally created to promote body confidence for mums but is appropriate for any lady who feels uncomfortable or out of touch with fashion.

The resident stylist owns a boutique called SugarMango in Southbourne, Alison has been styling ladies for the past 6 years with her style of relaxed everyday clothing and accessories.  She firmly believes that any woman can look beautiful and that size is just a number!

By attending these workshops, you’ll have free advice on how to style for your body type and outfits will be picked for you to try. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet other women and chat, offer them your opinion and drink Prosecco. Please be assured that there is no obligation to buy anything at all and it’s more about providing a self-esteem boost and a chance to socialise with like-minded women. Don’t let social anxiety hold you back either; one to one sessions can be arranged if requested!

Please complete the form below before attending the workshops, dates can be found on Dress For Your Shape Facebook Group