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Vegan Natural Face Mask Scrub
Lovely In Your Face Scrub
Natural Clarifying Mask

In Your Face - Clarifying Face Mask

In Your Face!

Fed up of products for oily skin drying your skin out and leaving your face feeling tight and irritated? Look no further! This clarifying mud mask is waiting patiently for you to smooth it onto your skin and reap the benefits. Made with mango butter to condition skin, watermelon seed oil to help clear out blocked pores, and two types of clay to deep cleanse, as well as anti-bacterial essential oils to help dry up blemishes. And best of all, after all that, your face will be left feeling soft and nourished, instead of tight and flaky.

  • Cruelty-free and vegan.
  • All of the Lovely products are made by hand in Sheffield and tested only on Lovely human beings
  • 100% natural.