Ooty Incense Verbena Mandarin & Kaffir Lime


Ah, this appeals to my inner hippie! These take incense out of the student bedsit and on to a whole new level of sophistication, using Bombay Ducks signature Ooty blend of English and Indian scents.  Try the beautiful scent of Verbena Mandarin & Kaffir Lime for a fresh and uplifting aroma.

The brightly coloured incense sticks come packaged in a super-stylish, present-ready, jewel-coloured tube with a hint of gold, and their perfumed smoke will swirl giving a subtly different odour to that of the Ooty candles yet reinforcing it. It's like another instrument in the scent orchestra, playing the same tune but in a slightly different key.

  • Insense Sticks H 25.5 cm
  • Giftbox Tube H 27.5 x Diameter 4 cm