You may have spotted Beach Powder on Dragon's Den recently, well I didn't need to be a dragon to know that this amazing sand removal product was totally awesome when I first came across it at a trade show some years ago and met the founder Stephanie who gave me a great demo of how it works with the aid of some damp sand, this magical powder when applied gets rid of every last grain of sand from your skin.

Beach Powder removes sand from skin

That sounds great, but isn't it the same as talc?  The reason Beach Powder is doubly awesome is because it's talc free.  Talcum powder is hydrated magnesium silicate - H2Mg3(SiO3)4 (which has been associated with ovarian cancer) and is not an ingredient of Beach Powder, so no nasty ingredients, and completely safe to use on children whilst being kind to the environment too, even the packaging can be recycled.

Beach Powder stockist Bournemouth

There are two versions available, original and shimmer.  The shimmer version contains cosmetic glitter made from natural minerals and is plastic-free, so it won’t pollute the sea or water sources.

So before you next go to the beach grab a tube of Beach Powder from us and enjoy getting sandy toes with the knowledge that when you leave the beach you will be able to get rid of sand instantly, with no rubbing, so that you can picnic, apply sun cream or slide on your sandals with no sand and no fuss.