Autumn has arrived in our Bournemouth boutique and I'm so excited to share our new autumnal display inspired by The New Forest which is right on our doorstep.  Using the bright colours that we're known for I created a dsiplay of oak leaves, pumpkins and the crowning glory a paper sculpture stags head.

Starting with the pumpkins I bought some papier mache ones from Hobby Craft and a supply of bright paint to create an ombre pumkin in bright pink and orange.  Start with a base of white paint and gradually build up the colour using a soft brush or sponge to blur the shades together.


To make the oak leaves I used crepe paper in four gorgeous shades cutting three sizes out to get that lovely fullness to the garland.  Once cut out came the fiddly bit, I used florist wire to give the leaves strength and to be able to wind them together.  Cutting each leaf in half I glued the wire bewteen to the two halves and once dry started to wind them together covering with florists tape to create a branch like effect. I'm so please with the results, they came out much better than I had imagined.

Bournmouth boutique autumn display

Finally I set about making the stags head.  I found a great downladable template in Etsy which I cut out and glued the pieces together.  Sounds easy right?  Well the first attempt didin't go to plan as I couldn't read the numbers on the template, but after writing them on with pencil it all became clear.  It took me a full morning to put it together, but I think they look awesome.


bournemouth boutique sugarmango autumn window

This is a very easy project to do, but it does take up some time, about halway through I always wish I hadn't started, but once it comes together I'm always proud of my work (if you don't look to closely)!

Want to see it for yourself?  Then do come and visit us