What earrings are in style right now?

Earrings are a great accessory and they are the perfect way of expressing your own style.  

Let’s start with Stud earrings, they come in all sizes from simple small shapes that are chic and understated to dramatic bold earrings that make a statement.  Think about the other jewellery pieces you will be wearing when choosing the perfect earrings to wear, balance large statement necklaces with complimenting small stud earrings so you don’t risk looking overdone.  On the other hand, statement stud earrings look best worn without a necklace to detract from the drama, try pairing them with a chunky bracelet instead.  Stud earrings also look great when you add some ear cuffs for a multi pieced effect, these are easy to put on and look amazing.

Our collection of Gemstone Studs can be found here and Silver Studs here.

square stud earringsstone stud earringssilver bee stud earrings

Earrings with stones are excellent for adding a little colour, choose something that compliments your eyeshade and see how they bring out the colour in your eyes.  Or try some stone drop earrings with multi-coloured gemstones for a summery feel.  Check out our curated collection of gemstone drop earrings here.

stone drop earringsstone earrings claw settinggreen stone drop earrings

Statement earrings are my personal favourite, especially gemstone earrings with a great stone and colour.  There’s nothing that says boho-chic better than chandelier earrings they suit long hair the best, so if your hair is shorter just make sure you don’t get wear anything too heavy as they will distract from your face, or try threader earrings instead as these are a much lighter look.

Natural raw stone earrings are the perfect way to be a little different, look for a natural stone earring with great organic texture and colour, drusy is a great stone for earrings and come in many colours or popular natural stones like Aquamarine, Ruby Tanzanite and Amethyst are also available in an uncut form.  See our collection here.

raw stone earrings tanzaniteraw stone earringsraw stone stud earrings

What earrings suit my face shape?

When choosing the right earring shape consider your face shape too, a bit like when you choose glasses.  It all about balance.

For an inverted triangle-shaped face, that’s a broader forehead and narrow jawline, try chandelier earrings or teardrop earrings to de-emphasise the forehead.  For the oval-shaped ladies, you just lucked out as you can wear just about any shape of earring, but try triangle shapes or studs to bring out your cheekbones.

silver heart earring studsgemstone drop earringsrose quartz earrings

Round-faced beauties need to avoid round shapes, as these will just make your face look even rounder, so go for long drop earrings to elongate your features.

earrings for a round facestar earrings silverearrings for women round face

For the heart-shaped lovelies, you need to try some chandelier earrings, as earrings that are wider at the bottom than top will help balance out your sharper chin line.

stone earrings for narrow faceearrings with stones

If your face is long and narrow then you can add some drama to your ears with studs, clustered earrings, short dangles, hoops in a medium to large size. Basically any type of round earrings will widen your face, and make it look fuller.

Balance out a square face with oval shapes with earrings that are medium to long with curved designs to soften your angles.

Round silver drop earringsLong Curved Silver Earringssilver earrings for women