I am both a gemstone jewellery designer and intrigued with gemstone meanings, often my choice of semi-precious stone jewellery designs incorporates these mystical powers, using colour combinations and the stone symbolism together, I envisage these gemstone personalities into meaningful jewellery that reflect our own personas.  So not only are you wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery but you are also drawing upon its powers for strength and healing in your own lives.


Here are some of my favourite gemstones with their meanings, uses and benefits.

Amethyst Meaning

The stone for peace of mind.  This beautiful purple gemstone emanates calm and wellbeing, use this gemstone when your minds buzzing and take braincation!  It’s the perfect semi-precious stone jewellery to wear when you’re moving into a busy time in your life like a new job or exams as it helps to bring new ideas into focus improving motivation and memory.  Amethyst is great for The OverThinker personality as it is extremely beneficial to the mind is both calming and stimulating.  Healing Amethyst relieves emotional pain and stress, easing headaches and tension.

Amethyst Stone Jewellery Meaning

Moonstone Meaning

The stone for female intuition and nurturing.  Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings and has powerful effects for women on the path to motherhood and beyond as it represents the power of the female cycle, it brings emotional stability, intuition and calm.  Moonstones personality has a caring nature like a mother it soothes and calms.

Moonstone Necklace Meaning

Peridot Meaning   

The stone for positivity and reinvention.  This olive green stone is a powerful cleanser helping us to move forward from past experiences to reinvent ourselves with greater confidence and look to ourselves for guidance without outside influencers.  It’s like your new best friend that encourages you to be yourself and trust in your own mind and heart.

Peridot Gemstone Meaning

Garnet Meaning

The stone for strength and passion.  This deep red stone helps you to achieve your goals and be your own motivation, bringing courage and hope, this stones persona is The Fearless Badass

Garnet gemstone meaning

Labradorite Meaning

The stone of strength, perseverance and protection.  Labradorite is a feldspar stone, it has water trapped inside that reflects the light in beautiful changing tones of greens and blues, this beautiful phenomenon is called a Shiller.  Labradorite persona is The Transformer it helps us get through tough times of change and uncertainty helping to bring out our reserves of strength.  

Labradorite gemstone meaning

Chalcedony Meaning 

The stone for mind and body.  Chalcedony comes in a few colours the most common being blue or aqua, its milky opaqueness renders strong to pastel shades.  This gemstone represents calm and brings your mind and body into balance, replacing stress with calm and happiness.  Chalcedony’s persona is The Balancing Act, its great when life puts you on a tight rope, just look forward and find your balance.

Chalcedony gemstone meaning

Prehnite Meaning   

The stone for unconditional love.  This apple green gemstone with its unique inclusions helps us to find meaning in our lives and stay true to our hearts, it brings sincerity, sensitivity and unconditional love.  Prehnites persona is The Truth Seeker because there is only one truth in life believe in and that it is that you are loved.

Prehnite gemstone meaning

Aquamarine Meaning

The stone for courage.  Aquamarine is a green-blue gemstone sometimes clear and sometimes opaque, its calming energies it soothes fears, helping to self-expression and easing communication.  The Aquamarine persona is The Remover Of Obstacles let your persistence take you to where you need to be and live the life you deserve.

Aquamarine gemstone meaning

Ruby Meaning 

The stone for energy.  This gemstone ranges in colour from deep red to raspberry pink, Ruby encourages a passion for life and guides you to becoming a leader removing anything negative from your path.  The Ruby persona is The Passionate Leader,  this stone symbolises the go-getters, the entrepreneurs and the founders.  Wear it to aid you in a new venture or job and always believe in your worth.

Tanzanite Meaning 

The stone for self-love.   This gemstone is a beautiful perry winkle blue colour, it’s energy helps you to love yourself, allowing you to overcome fear and improve trust with yourself and others.  The Tanzanite persona is The Believer, trust your instincts and follow your heart, accept the person you are, because to find true love we must first love ourselves.

Tanzanite gemstone meaning

Turquoise Meaning 

The stone for protection and strength.  This gemstone colour is turquoise obviously, but its shade can vary from very bright blue to green and variations in patterns on its surface make it unique.  The persona for Turquoise is The Fulfilled Potential as the stone promotes self-realisation, it helps with creative problem solving and allows you to express yourself and calm your nerves in tricky situations. 

Turquoise gemstone meaning