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HOW TO - Wear Vintage With Modern

Posted on May 14 2018

How To Wear Vintage With Modern Fashion
With Shake and Stir Festival in Southbourne coming up in June we were inspired to try out some vintage pieces so we teamed up with Vicki from This Is Vintage Dorset (another local business in Southbourne) to show how we both love to mix and match vintage with modern. So if like us you love vintage but don't want to end up looking like you're in fancy dress, try our handy style tips.  
When wearing a vintage piece from one decade, make sure the rest of your outfit, including your hairstyle, is from a totally different decade for a modern update that suits your own style.Vintage Sailor Trousers With Modern Tee, Sneakers & acts.
We've styled 1930's style Sailor button front trousers with a foil snake skin print t-shirt,  choose an of the moment bag like this one from Nooki and iconic Woden sneakers from Denmark, accessories with a classic Elie Beaumont watch with its cool oversized face and contemporary silver jewellery.  
  1. Frill Sleeve Stripe Tee £39
  2. Silver Snake Skin T-shirt £39
  3. Nooki Metallic Handbag £65
  4. Woden GRO Sneakers Seafog £109.95
  5. Elie Beaumont Oxford Watch £69.00
All available from just click on the links to shop.  Sailor Trousers available in red or navy from This Is Vintage Dorset  

Vintage Diner Fashion Shoot

For our second shoot we went down to the Beach Diner in Boscombe, it was great fun, and a cheaky milkshake had to be slurped in the name of good props you understand!  Styling some of our Sugarhill Boutique collection and Woden sneakers with This Is Vintage's amazing fifties skirts we came up with some cute summer mix ups.


  1. Sugarhill Boutique Red Breton Stripe Dress £39
  2. Woden GRO Sneakers £109.95
  3. Sugarhill Boutique J'T Adore T-shirt £28
  4. Sugarhill Boutique Cutie T-shirt £28
  5. SugarMango Jewellery
All available from just click on the links to shop.  Floral skirt available from This Is Vintage Dorset. 
Vintage Modern Kimono Look 3
Bringing a bit of boho chic to vintage with this stunning Kimono from Becksondergaard and layering it over a cropped yellow vintage style summer top with classic chinos from Suzy D.  A great look for summer.
  1. Becksondergaard Kimono £69
  2. Woden GRO Sneakers £109.95
  3. Suzy D Khaki Chinos £43.99
All available from just click on the links to shop.  Yellow crop top available from This Is Vintage Dorset. 

Find out more about the Shake and Stir Festival on their website



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