Discover the latest jewellery trends for 2020, from nature-inspired jewellery, natural raw gemstones, colourful gemstone rainbow jewellery and meaningful gemstone jewellery. 

Natural or raw gemstones, imbuing jewellery creations with a more organic delicate feel.

Raw gemstone jewellery is my personal favourite, I have long been inspired by their natural beauty, flaws and all.  The beautiful textures make you feel connected to these unearthed gems, and the unique features of each raw stone draw it into your heart.  

raw gemstone necklace raw gemstone earrings aquamarine raw gemstone pendnat amethyst

Handmade in India by artisans in sterling silver with a brushed texture that embodies the stones natural beauty of these raw gemstones, the perfect gift for women who appreciate quality jewellery with a unique style.

raw gemstone bracelet tanzaniteperidot raw stone necklaceraw gemstone drop earrings tanzanite


Nature-Inspired Jewellery

We’re loving the nature-inspired trend. Bee jewellery has been loved for a while now, but we’re pleased to say this adorable trend is remaining for 2020.  They look even more beautiful with a mix of silver gold to really bring these little creatures to life.  Check out the Tree Of Wisdom with its golden pear, how cute is that?

bee necklacetree of wisdom necklacebee earrings 

We’re in love with this Queen Bee necklace and earrings, their intricate wings give an elegant look, whilst its gold embellished body adds a stunning touch of luxury. 

seahorse necklacestarfish earringsammonite necklace

In fact, this pretty nature trend is extending out to beautiful seaside shells and sea creatures inspired by our Jurassic coastline.  We just adore the Seahorse necklace as they symbolise commitment for life, a great gift idea for showing someone you're in it for life.


Meaningful Semiprecious Stone Jewellery

We love the meanings and properties of gemstones, every stone is said to have mystical powers of healing and strength that when held against the skin will pass to you.  Believe it or not, the energy of gemstones is here to stay.   

Chalcedony necklace

With our desire to connect to others in a more meaningful way the act of giving a gemstone becomes very powerful, as the gesture is associated with the powers of love, strength or protection it becomes more than just a gift of jewellery.   This is why we made a meaningful message card of hope and support inspired by the properties of each gemstone to add to our jewellery.

prehnite necklacemoonstone necklace