Shoreditch Nail Polish

We do love a beauty brand that’s super cool and has a conscious to boot.  So when we stumbled upon a UK-made eco-friendly nail polish brand Shoreditch Nails we just had to have it in SugarMango.  With quirky names from their neighbourhood Shoreditch Nail polish has an array of vibrant colours to cool tones. 

Shoreditch Nail polish The Angel pink
Shoreditch Nail Polish on a pink background


Shoreditch Nail polish is vegan, cruelty free and is 81% bio-sourced. They use natural origin ingredients such as sugarcane and corn to partially replace chemicals found in conventional formulas

How To Use

For the best results apply our polish to clean and dry nails. Prep your nails with The Top + Base, then apply 1 to 3 coats of polish depending on the desired look. Finish with The Top + Base. We recommend using The Nail Oil on your cuticles everyday to keep your nails healthy. You can also apply The Top + Base every other day to prolong your mani or pedi.