Wanderflower pamper gift sets for her
Wanderflower have curated the most wonderful pamper gift sets for her.  Each Wanderflower gift set has been created as a wellness ritual that will allow a moment of calm relaxation and well-being.
Every detail has been thought of, not only do they use the using only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a luxurious experience for your senses they also have the most beautiful packaging.  Wanderflower encourage you to support our beautiful planet and upcycle the boxes, for handy storage.  And to top it off they are cruelty-free.

Here's our top 5 Wanderflower Pamper Gift Sets For Her

1.  Wanderflower Foot Therapy   Soothe your feet with the Wanderflower Foot Therapy Gift Set! This delightful package comes with a reviving foot scrub and cream to keep your feet feeling happy and refreshed. Treat yourself or your favorite person to this high-quality foot-care kit — they'll love it! Get ready to wander in comfort!
wanderflower pamaper gifts for her foot therapy2. Wanderflower Sheet Face Mask Library.     Relax and unwind with a beautiful mask, a great way to revitalise your skin. This mask library set includes 4 gorgeous masks, perfect to refresh and hydrate whilst pampering your skin. These gentle masks are carefully crafted using woven bamboo fibre which are suitable for all skin types. Each one contains oils and extracts from real flowers and plants.
3. Wanderflower Mother Earth Pregnancy Essentials.   Welcome expecting mums and their bump to the nature-inspired world of Wanderflower! Our Earth Mother Pregnancy Essentials kit is chock full of natural goodness and features our handmade stretch mark oil and bump mask to help soothe and nourish that growing belly. Make sure to pamper yourself and your bump with earth-friendly perfection!
Wanderflower pamper gift sets for her - pregnancy essentials
4. Wanderflower Reflexology Gift Set. Say goodbye to sore feet with the Wanderflower Reflexology Gift Set! Perfect for any home spa day, this set contains everything you need to destress: a soothing foot soak, a nourishing foot balm, a reflexology massage sock, and a handcrafted wooden box to keep it all in. Let the Wanderflower magic take you away!
pamaper gift sets for her - wanderflower reflexology gift box
5. Wanderflower Clay Face Mask Kit. For a beautiful natural glow try the Wanderflower Clay Face Mask Kit.  Beautifully presented  little bag of clay that you simply mix in the porcelain bowl with a little water.  Apply with the cute little brush and sit back and relax as the luxury clay mask smooths and soothes.