I love the colour blue, it represents peace and loyalty and is evocative of the vast skies above us and the deep oceans of our blue planet.  This stylish palette can range from bright turquoise like the Mediterranean seas to classic navy.  Blue is a classic colour to keep in your wardrobe all year round.  Tone your blues together or for a modern vibe wear with flashes of neon, dashes of red and pops of Fuchsia pink.

what does wearing blue clothing mean

The clothing you wear is a reflection of your personality and wearing blue shows to you to be creative, positive, loyal.  Blue women’s clothing shows that you are a smart cookie, you know your own mind and your independent spirit will take you far.  You are brimming with self-confidence and say it how it is.  Remember to show your fun side to though with glimpses of bright neon accents or passionate red.

wearing blue women's clothing with with neon

Classic Blue Dress

Wearing Blue With Black

If you predominately wear black try adding some classic blue to soften your somber look or go bright blue for a head-turning outfit.  Wearing blue with black really does work and can look super chic. Try wearing a blue dress and accessorising it with black shoes, bag and even black nail polish.

Wearing Blue And Green

Wearing blue and green together

We had a saying at school blue and green should never be seen without another colour in between.  It’s a myth, I love blue and green clothing and jewellery together it gives a real contrasting pop.  One of my favorite jewellery combinations is Chrysoprase and Turquoise, Apatite and Peridot also look great together.  Just get the balance right with your clothing, choose one as your main colour and the other as an accent colour and you’ll always be bang on.

wearing blue and green

Blue Nail Polish

Blue nail varnish

Another great way to get blue into your look is blue nail polish, and with so many shades to choose from you can find the perfect shade of blue for you.  If you have a pale skin tone then the classic navy looks very striking.  While medium skin tones can do pastel blues, an intense sky blue is an even more flattering choice.   If your skin tone is darker then go for the cobalt blues to really flatter.