There's not a day goes by that I don't hear one of my gorgeous ladies put herself down when it comes to trying on women's clothing,  I hear so many women calling out their perceived shortcomings, be it my thighs are too big, I have to hide my bum or I'm too old to wear this!   Whhaaattt!!!  Stop right there, accept yourself, believe in yourself, you are BEAUTIFUL.

Recently a beautiful lady with a fab figure was trying on one of our floral summer dresses for a new job, she looked stunning, the dress perfect for her slim frame and looked gorgeous with her long blonde hair, but she was worried that she was too old to wear the dress!!  'Oh my god' I said to her 'you look beautiful, believe in yourself'.  She bought the dress with a big smile on her face feeling confident for her start at her new job.  A couple of days later she came back with the dress, she'd shown it to her husband who sadly thought it was too bold for her, so she wouldn't wear it.  I felt an enormous sense of disappointment, she'd looked fabulous, but one negative word had taken all her confidence away. 

Another day I was showing some lovely big rings to a lady, 'oh I'd love to be one of those women that wear big statement rings, but they just don't suit me!'  she exclaimed.  She saw these big ring wearing women as strong and confident and wanted to feel that way too, but confidence comes from within not from a piece of jewellery or from new clothes, our perception of the power of fashion doesn't seem to align with its true magic.

Where does this resistance to trying new things and play it safe come from?    Confidence.  These beautiful women were feeling unable to express their inner selves through fashion despite the fact that they were gorgeous, both had a lovely figure and both younger than myself, (a rather round 50-year-old!) yet they both complimented me on my dress style and the rather big ring that I always wear!  Both these lovely women (and so many others that I meet) have better figures than me, so surely they should be proud of themselves and wear whatever they want?  If I can get past my own body image and feel good in what I wear, why can't they?

Women's Clothing Boutique

All my life I feel like I've had a running commentary from other people both friends and family, about my body shape....too skinny....flat chested....bum too big...too fat..... whatever size I've been someone has made a negative comment along the way, so now I don't give a shit!  I wear what I want to express my personality, and I've never had so many compliments, by accepting myself as I am and knowing that beauty comes from within, not from your dress size, I finally feel confident to be me.

Women's clothing is so diverse, there is something for everyone, and the current trends of floaty floral dresses with comfy sneakers and laid back t-shirts with pretty skirts are great for wearing fashion in a dressed down casual street style that we can all pull off in a way that we feel confident with.

Beauty is not the cover of Vogue and we shouldn't allow ourselves to feel less beautiful because of airbrushed images. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, we are different shapes and all perfect in our own way. Be confident my lovely ladies and rock it your own way, push your boundaries, show off your assets,  and only listen to your own heart.  If you feel good, you look good, and people will notice that, not your jumbo thighs!!!

 Thanks for reading!

Alison x

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