Fashion is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to making me feel confident. There are no rules for me, but I almost always opt for comfort in order to feel natural and self-assured. Nothing can knock your confidence like tired, achy feet or always having to adjust tight clothing. Whether for a night out or working in the shop, I'm much more confident when I feel at ease with myself.

Overall it's quite a laid-back look, but one that usually puts more focus on my personality, than my figure!  If you’re uncomfortable with what you’re wearing you just end up feeling ridiculous, it’s high heels for me, I just don’t feel elegant in them as I try to balance and stay on my feet.

Our clothes, makeup and jewellery are our battle armour, it’s what gets us ready to face the day, but it’s not a disguise, fashion empowers us to show our best self to the world, to go forth with confidence.  

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But it's the women in our lives that inspire and support us to become self-assured confident ladies that really help us to dress for our personality, the power of female friendship and how we support each other is truly a force to recognise.  

Let’s face it, it’s always your best mate that you turn to for fashion advice, we become each other's, personal shopper, we encourage each other to try new things, because when you shop with someone who knows you best you see yourself through their eyes and forget the doubts you have about the size of your bum!

The weird thing is as I mature I become more confident in my sense of style and who I am, but less confident in my looks, as age takes away that youthful glow and expands certain body parts!  


When I was in my twenties (and stick thin, I might add) my fashion style was constantly changing as I reinvented myself to fit in with different roles, now in my 40’s  ( but slightly plumper) I know who I am and it’s the women around me that have reinforced this in me and given me the confidence to wear what I want.

So is it fashion that empowers us or our female role models?  I think maybe it’s a bit of both…. How about you?