We are super excited to have some eco friendly pieces in our collection, we're often asked what do you get someone who is environmentally friendly?  You may want to start by looking for items that are made from recycled materials, such as recycled polyester fabrics and reusable items to stop the use of plastic bottles for example.  The idea being to reduce materials that don't degrade easily going into landfill or our precious oceans and buy more sustainably.  So we've sourced some fantastic sustainable fashion pieces that do just that. 

Sustainable Fashion Accessories

Recycled polyester uses PET as the raw material, which is the same material used in plastic bottles, so recycling it to make fabric prevents it from going into landfill, the best part is that this can be recycled again and again with no degradation, and the material feels super soft so you feel like you something luxurious, not like the old 70's shiny polyester.

These scarves from Pieces, a Danish company looking to introduce sustainability into its brand, are super soft and a great price.  It's a win win situation, great fashion scarves, great prices and kind to the environment.

Sustainable Fashion Scarf Designs

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Pieces Wide Scarf Recycled Polyester Yellow
Recycled polyester scarf grey
Sustainable fashion scarf
Sustainable Fashion Scarf Pieces
Sustainable Fashion Accessories Scarf
Eco fashion scarf


Sustainable Roka Backpacks

We just love these Roka backpacks, each bag is made from 12 recycled plastic bottles and come in some great colours, these super durable bags are perfect for your everyday needs from laptops to kids stuff they will carry your everyday essentials in style, they're even weatherproof!  SHOP NOW

Roka Sustainable Backpacks and bags

No More Single Use Plastic

Now that we've talked about recycled plastic it's time to go one step further and not use plastic in the first place, and our Chilly's bottles are the perfect start.  Switch from using single use plastic bottle and carry one of these bad boys around instead.  They keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, in a fab range of colours and designs these really make a great gift for you eco warrior friends and family.  SHOP CHILLY'S NOW

Chilly's Reusable Water Bottles

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To find out more about Refill visit refill.org.uk or contact the team at info@refill.org.uk today!

Don’t let your old Chilly’s Bottle gather dust. 

Chilly's believe that many small actions can make a big difference to the planet. So they've decided to up the ante with their new recycling initiative, Chilly’s Refreshed. Simply send them your old Chilly's Bottle for free, and they’ll ensure it’s recycled.

Sometimes It's The Little Things That Matter. 

Sixton London Bug Box

This cute little collection of vintage inspired brooch pins featuring insects, butterflies, bee's and beetles also has it's eco friendly side as they donate £1 from the sale of each of the bestselling sparkly bees, queen bees, Italian bees and bumblebee brooches to www.buglife.org.uk helping to saving the small things that run the planet.

With sumptuous embroidered details and bejewelled with faux gems, this taxidermy style jewellery come beautifully presented in little gift boxes.  Wear them on your clothing, bags and coats making them the ideal little something.