Unique Gifts For Her

It's not easy finding the perfect gift for women, but it's not impossible.  Start your search by first spending 10 minutes thinking about the person and what they like, do they have any events or holidays coming up or new interest that's captured their imagination.

Gifts For Her Bournemouth Boutique Shops

Once you have a list of possible categories like jewellery gifts, quirky gifts, pretty gifts or useful gifts you start to build up a picture of possibilities.  Now hone into one of those categories for example jewellery, ask yourself do they wear delicate or chunky jewellery, gold or silver jewellery and so on.  Build up a mental mood board of colours and style so when you start to look at products you already know what style of jewellery you are searching for.

Here’s a handy checklist to get your gift buying juices flowing…

  1. What type of things does she like?
  2. What are her interests?
  3. What are her favourite colours?
  4. What does she enjoy doing?
  5. What was the last thing you gave her that she really liked?
  6. Check out the brands she likes on social media. (probably SugarMango!)

Now let's get our imagination going.

Imaginative Gifts For Her

Make your gift personal by selecting some beautiful jewellery that tells a story, think about pieces that will reflect their personality or an important stage in their lives.  Charm necklaces and gemstone jewellery can do this very nicely by taking what these pieces symbolise to personalise the gift to her.

Unique gifts for her

meaningful jewellery gifts for her

Gifts For Best Friends

Our gifts for women are unashamedly pretty, they remind me of being a little girl and visiting my Grandma who’s house was full of pretty trinkets, what we would now describe as retro homewares (obviously the height of modernity for Grandma)  and vintage styling, but brought bang up to date with modern slogans, colours and quirky details.  Think gifts for little girls that have grown up.  We all love to be taken back to a simpler life which was all about tea parties and girlie heaven.

Gift For Friends Mugs From Bombay Duck

Jewellery always makes a great gift, think friendship bracelets and necklaces with a meaning.  Our collection from Estella Bartlett  work really well, each piece of jewellery comes with a message on the special gift card to make it personal and they start from just £20.  Shop the collection here.

Gifts For Friends Estella Bartlett Friendship Jewellery

Little gifts for friends can go a long way when they say something meaningful, like our selection of porcelain hanging hearts from East Of India.  Browse the collection here.

Small gifts for friends

Beautiful Scented Boxed Candles

The attention to detail is never more evident than with Bombay Duck’s scented candles, these elegant glass scented candles pots come in beautiful boxes, delicately wrapped in tissue paper they exude luxury candle status at an affordable price, choose from heavenly scents of Neroli Magnolia & Sandalwood, Cassis Geranium & Wild Rose, Amber Grapefruit & Patchouli, and Verbena Mandarin & Kaffir Lime.

Gifts For Her Scented Candles Bombay Duck

Finally, the perfect gift should come beautifully wrapped, it's all part of the excitement, and we love to take care of that for you by wrapping all our gifts in gorgeous tissue paper and our jewellery comes in gift boxes, so all you have to do is gift it to your loved one.

Gift Wrapping

You can find all these beautiful gifts in our Bournemouth boutique and our website, just click the links to shop now.