One of the things I love doing in my women's fashion boutique in Bournemouth is putting pieces together from the collection and going on a style discovery journey, sometimes they just pop into my head on the drive into work and other times it's you, the customer, putting your outfits together in the changing room and inspiring me to look at combinations differently.⁠

I quite often mix different brands together using colours as my inspiration and working to a colourful, fun and casual vibe for everyday style.

Women's Fashion Boutique Bournemouth

When you're thinking about your style choose things that make you happy and tell your story, you don’t have to conform – you just have to hone in on the colours, prints and styles of clothes that really make you tick.

Here's Alison's top tips to style yourself happy.
1. Take  a look in your wardrobe, be honest, anything that doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn in years needs to go.
2.  Pick out your go to pieces, the one's you always go back to, these will be your building blocks.
3. Get your wardrobe organised, this really helps you work out your personal style, put together pieces that really compliment each other together, this helps when getting dressed in a hurry.
4. Don’t save occasion wear for occasional wear! Create styling moments where you can re-work or re-wear for more casual days.
5. Go for layering styles that mix and match so you can put outfits together that look effortlessly stylish.
6. Don't let your age determine your style, you will not look like mutton if you follow your true style personality.

Women's Fashion Boutique Bournemouth flat lay

When you go shopping you might find something in a fantastic print that you can’t live without, bring it home and it will speak to an item you already have – they will have a conversation you weren’t expecting – and the reason you know that is because of the way they will make you feel when you put them together.

I get a feeling of excitement when I find a new brand that I know will bring something different to my customers, straight away I'm imagining them with other pieces from other brands and building a unique style for my women's fashion boutique in Bournemouth. When I get that feeling, I want to share these outfits on social media and I make lots of flat lays to show how these separates can work together.  Follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

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 If you fancy trying something new or just need some guidance with adding new styles to update your wardrobe feel free to drop by for a chat, we'd love to see you.