So what’s an athletic or rectangle shape, anyway?

  • You’re not particularly curvy
  • Your shoulders and hip measurements are nearly the same
  • Your waist isn’t very small or well-defined, but rather straight up and down
  • Your weight is fairly evenly distributed throughout your body

How To Dress An Athletic Shape

Your beautiful athletic body shape needs balance on your upper body by accentuating your legs and other curves.  Try an oversized top with skinny jeans, or reverse that principle and go with a fitted top and palazzo pants, you get the idea?

Get started with these guidelines to embrace your athletic shape.


Must-Have Tops For Athletic or Rectangle Shapes

Your athletic figure looks best when you draw attention to your fabulous muscular arms, defined shoulders and showing off your waist.  Your go-to pieces are…

  • Halter necks
  • Vest Tops
  • Scoop & round necklines
  • Spaghetti Straps


Bit curvier?  Then choose your favourite bits to show off, statement collars or detailed necklines which really grab attention for your bust, if you have muscular arms then let them be seen in anything strapless or cut off sleeves.  If your arms aren’t like Madonna’s and you don’t fancy hours of yoga then wear ¾ length sleeves to cover them up.

How To Layer

The Best Jackets For Athletic or Rectangle Figures

Double-breasted blazers, long line dusters coats, bomber jackets, and flowy outerwear look amazing on you! If you’re slender, you’ll look great in a fitted, structured style. If you want more shape around your middle, try cropped or elastic waist styles to create and accentuate your waistline. To minimize your waist, choose A-line cuts and hems that hit at the hip or below the knee.

Dress For Success

Perfect Dresses For The Athletic or Rectangle Shapes

Dresses are easy for you most styles will suit you so choose ones that accentuate your best features, use the same rules as for tops, add a skinny belt if you want to create more of a waistline, and add heels with tea-length skirts.  To play down any area go for dark solid colours, vertical stripes or A-line shapes.


Jean Genie

The Best Jeans & Trousers For The Athletic or Rectangular Shapes

Keeping in mind the athletic shape tips from earlier, pick trouser styles that will best complement your top shape. If you’ve gone oversized wear slimmer tight-fitting jeans or leggings to balance it off. 

If you want to add some height try boot-cut jeans with heals, they will add length and shape to your legs.  Avoid high waisted jeans and opt for mid-rise if your middle is on the straight side.


Outfit Toppers For The Athletic or Rectangular Shapes

Think about your outfit, if you’ve gone oversized on the top use a long necklace to break it up and give you that vertical back.  Showing your shoulders off with a halter neck? Go dramatic on the earrings and wristwear, chunky bangle looks great on your long arms.  It’s all about choosing the part you want to draw attention to, but anything goes right?


One Last Thought On Body Shapes

Most of all be an individual, find your own style that makes you feel confident in yourself, use these tips as a starting point for knowing your body shape.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and if you fancy a quick browse to put your new ideas to the test then click here to see our women's clothing collections.  Find out a little bit more about us here.