Semi-precious stone jewellery and its imperfections that are beautifully perfect are the topic of this weeks blog, it's one of the things that inspires my gemstone jewellery collections because it's the inclusions or flaws in a gemstone that truly it make it unique, much like ourselves we are all perfectly beautiful in our own ways. 

Labradorite was one of the first gemstones I really fell in love with, no two stones are ever the same, they glow with beauty showing the lines and cracks within that were made thousands of years ago deep in the Earth waiting to be discovered and treasured as they came into the light.

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Labradorite Gem Stone Jewellery

‘There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in’. At Sugar Mango we believe that it’s our imperfections that make us unique and beautiful.

One of my lovely customers bought lots of of East of India porcelain keepsakes before Christmas and I asked her what she planned to do with them 'Smash them' she said! 'I'm going to break them up and then do Kintsugi which is the old Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with gold, encouraging us to recognise that we must learn that there is beauty in the cracks and then give them as gifts to my loved one's with personal messages of love and support' 

Kintsugi repair

What a wonderful way to personalise a gift and also recognise what makes us all so special, our flaws, our heartbreaks and our failures.  You might think that's a bit negative, but by embracing our so called 'failures' and accepting them, not as failures after all, but as the very things that makes us the wonderful individuals that we are.

When I first came across Rough Gemstone Jewellery on one of my trips to India I really was inspired by these odd shapes and uneven surfaces, how beautiful I thought, as I ran my finger tips over the surfaces of these stones I could almost feel their energy, there was nothing false about them, nothing hidden or disguised, just their raw natural beauty.

Rough Stone Jewellery


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Other gemstones known for their distinctive markings and inclusions are Moonstone, a beautiful white semi translucent stone that has a blue shiller.

Prehnite in a cloudy apple green also has unique cracks and lines within it's depths, and stunning Turquoise stone jewellery has always been highly prized for it's imperfect beauty of river like veins that crisscross it's landscape.

prehinte gemstone jewellery in silver

Copper turquoise jewellery