What is the importance of jewellery and gemstone powers?  Jewellery can be so much more than just an accessory, through jewellery we can mark special moments such as love and personal milestones in our lives, carrying these symbols with us as a lasting emotional connection.  Choosing charms, symbols and gemstones that create a meaningful story about ourselves and our beliefs is common in all cultures and endures throughout time.

But what is it that draws us in to the importance of jewellery and gemstone powers?  

As I go through my own jewellery box I’m filled with memories of people and places, from the oldest piece given to me by my Great Aunty Ivy some 40 years ago of an old coral cross, now its not something I would wear, but I keep it because of this connection to my aunt.  Each piece of jewellery brings a memory of someone that is important to me or a place I have visited.  Even the gemstone jewellery I created in India over ten years ago still remains in my memory, each piece has my personnel connection to it as when I see it again being worn by one of my lovely customers I remember clearly picking the stones out individually and placing them together for my design in the room of the jewellers I worked from in the back streets of Jaipur with the sounds of the vegetable market sellers outside and the monkeys jumping around the rooftops.


Jewellery charms remain as popular now as ever, although fashion trends have changed how we style them, once ornate bracelets of hanging charms would adorn our wrists each charm marking a special event in life, even though simpler styling has evolved now, the importance of jewellery meaning something has remained.  

I've always been drawn to this style of jewellery, I love mixing charms with gemstones to make jewellery meaningful, it's the perfect gift, as it makes it so personal for years to come, just like my own charm bracelet I find treasures from my Grandmother, Mothers and Friends of silver charms dangling from silver bracelet with intricate moving parts and memories of childhood.

silver charm necklaces

Sometimes the importance of jewellery has to be reimagined and the connection changed.  After my divorce I had no use for my wedding rings as they no longer held happy memories, so I had them melted down and from this molten metal a new meaning emerged that symbolised who I am now, a simple golden word ‘Rebel’ 

With so many charms and gemstones to choose from it's not hard to tell your unique story with the jewellery that you wear.  Here are my top five gemstone meanings that I love to use in my jewellery designs.

  1. Amethyst is known for its ability to bring peace of mind easing overwhelming thought patterns. 
  2. Labradorite said to be the stone for imparting strength, protection and perseverance. 
  3. Moonstone the maternal for female intuition and nurturing this gemstone would make a lovely gift for all those mums out there.
  4. Aqua Chalcedony this pale green gemstone represents calm and happiness bringing the mind and body into balance. 
  5. Prehnite represents sincerity, sensitivity and unconditional love.
    Gemstone Meanings

These beautiful gemstone meanings can be a powerful reminder that we are loved and in someone's thoughts, when combined with a silver charm the meaning the importance of jewellery as a gift becomes even more powerful and will be even more significant to the wearer for good luck, strength and love.