Create special moments with our inspirational gemstone jewellery collection,  now more than ever we feel the need to find more inner strength and stay connected with our loved ones that we can't be with right now.  Lockdown is tough and it brings a whole load of different emotions every day and gemstones can really help us to focus our thoughts in a positive direction.  Every gemstone has its mystical properties that we can attune to use its energy to bring us calmness, strength and reassurance.

Alison Founder of SugarMangoGemstones have been a passion of mine for many years now. I love the colours and how different they all are, and they are the reason I founded SugarMango, you could say their powers set me on the right path and changed my destiny.   This has inspired my latest jewellery collection of simple set gemstones in silver of my favourite semi-precious stones, I'm calling it Inspirational Gemstones, and each piece comes with a meaningful message of hope and support inspired by the properties of the individual gemstone.  

Gemstones make a lovely meaningful gift, the gesture of giving someone you love a symbol of love, protection and strength are so personal, especially when you can't be with them when you wear a piece of that you've been given it will always remind you that someone is thinking of you.

My personal all-time favourite stone is Labradorite, it has a mesmerising colour that changes with the light, this is down to water trapped in the stone and reflecting light back.  Labradorite is known for its transformational powers, imparting strength and perseverance, it makes a useful companion through times of change, bringing calmness and protection.  Pretty apt for the current situation.  I've called it The Transformer for this collection.

the meaning of labradorite

Here's one that you may not be familiar with, Prehnite, its a lovely soft apple colour and semi-translucent so you can see its natural flaws.  This stone is for unconditional love, it brings truthfulness, sincerity and sensitivity.  For this collection, I have called it The Truth Seeker.

Prehinite necklace and meanigful message card

Rose Quartz is The Heart Filler use it to celebrate the moments and the people that light up your life.  This beautiful stone symbolises love and friendship of all kinds, the perfect gift to show someone how much you love them.  

The Heart Filler necklace and message card

When it comes to the ultimate feminine stone look to Moonstone, this white stone has highlights of blue that glow as highlights, it symbolises female intuition and nurturing, making this a great gift for a mum.

Meaningful moonstone message card

And last but not least, Chalcedony, this beautiful stone comes in a vivid blue or soft aqua colours and symbolises calmness and happiness, it helps to bring mind, body and spirit into balance, a very helpful stone when life is really a balancing act, like walking a tightrope! 

Chalcedony properties and meaning

All of our jewellery comes beautifully gift wrapped so all you have to do is sit back and see the joy of the recipient when they unwrap their special present.  Each card makes the jewellery extra special as they may be used as a daily affirmation of positivity.

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