What is a ‘Concept Store’? Recently my humble little clothes shop in Bournemouth was described to me by a rep as a ‘concept store’ and this phrase was a new one on me, so what is a concept store? 

A concept store is a shop that combines lifestyle with the business of selling. Such stores sell a curated selection of products that suggest a certain lifestyle or theme, mixing different brands together to form an overall feel and ambience. Focussing on the shopping experience through the store design, events and accompanying services.

Sound familiar? Well, my concept was always born from the type of shops I loved drawing inspiration from, and being the sort of gal that likes to be different I figured this was what an indie shop needed to be.

clothing display

My goal was to curate a collection of beautiful jewellery, fashion and gifts for women of all ages to enjoy, without feeling the need to fit into societies age boxes! You know the ones 25-35 tick 36-45 tick and the dreaded 50+ box. Being very near to the last one myself I know fashion isn’t an age thing, it’s a lifestyle choice.

shop display

The store is also much more than a place to just shop, it’s an environment to relax, chat about all things girly and to feel empowered to be the beautiful, stunning, crazy person you are meant to be. And now with the recent addition of Boob-ology, a bespoke bar fitting room within our walls, the amazing Zoe (Bournemouth BraLady) brings her expertise in everything to do with all things boobs and bra’s, a whole new concept in bra fitting experience and she makes bra shopping fun….yes fun!

bespoke bra fitting bournemouth

So, ladies, this is our mission, to bring to you a place where you can find incredible things that don’t cost the earth, become friends, learn that age is just a number, find confidence and learn that everything you are born with is all you need to feel amazing.

Thank you for reading!

Alison x

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