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Semi-Precious Stone Jewellery Imperfections That Are Beautifully Perfect

Imperfections that are beautifully perfect are the topic of this weeks blog, it's one of the things that inspires my gemstone jewellery collections because it's the inclusions or flaws in a gemstone that truly it make it unique, much like ourselves we are all perfectly beautiful in our own ways. 
06 January, 2021
Gifts For Eco Warriors in Bournemouth

Gifts For Eco Warriors in Bournemouth

We are super excited to have some eco friendly pieces in our collection, we're often asked what do you get someone who is environmentally friendly? So we've sourced some fantastic sustainable fashion pieces that do just that.  

25 November, 2020
His and Hers gift Mug Set Bombay Duck

Bombay Duck Imaginative Gifts - Hero Brand Of The Month

Discover why we love stocking Bombay Duck gifts for women and the inspiration & ethics behind our hero brand of the month.
06 August, 2020