Styling Casual Summer Dresses Whatever The Weather!

Styling casual summer dresses in the UK can be a challenge with our ever-changing weather.  So we've put together our top tips for styling summer casual dresses whatever the weather!  
May 13, 2022 — alison dewey
sugarhill boutique clothing Bournemouth stockist

Sugarhill Boutique Clothing

New season fashion from retro design classics  Sugarhill Boutique clothing.  This Spring is all about fresh colours and love. 
January 24, 2022 — alison dewey

Stepping Into Autumn With Gola Trainers

Discover our love for Gola Trainers as we get ready to step into Autumn.
September 16, 2021 — alison dewey
how to make a summer dress work for autumn

How To Make A Summer Dress Work For Autumn

As the seasons change so does our our wardrobes.  Transitioning from Summer fashion to Autumn styling isn't always easy though, so I've put together some top tips to help you ease into the new Autumn trends.
September 14, 2021 — alison dewey
Mum Style Fashion Blog

Mum Style - Spring Back Into Style With Bournemouth Clothes Shop Sugar Mango

Take a step into mum style fashion!  Now mum fashion needs to be practical of course, so I’ve chosen comfortable layering styles that you’ll be comfortable in and have a little street style to them, elevating the classic hoodie and leggings to something altogether more chic and individual.
February 25, 2021 — alison dewey
Women's Fashion Boutique In Bournemouth - Christmas Day Fashion Goals

Women's Fashion Boutique In Bournemouth - Christmas Day Fashion Goals

All I want for Christmas is Sparkle, Comfort & Style, discover my favourite fashion styles for a great Christmas Day outfit.
December 16, 2020 — alison dewey
Founder of SugarMango Boutique Bournemouth

Women's Fashion Boutique Bournemouth and how to Style Yourself Happy

One of the things I love doing at SugarMango is putting pieces together from the collection and going on a style discovery journey.
October 14, 2020 — alison dewey
semi precious stone jewellery gemstones

Why We Love Semi Precious Stone Jewellery

The power of jewellery to enhance an outfit really is amazing, the smallest embellishment can transform your look
Women's Clothing And Self Confidence

Women's Clothing And Self Confidence

Women's clothing is so diverse, there is something for everyone, and the current trends of floaty floral dresses with comfy sneakers and laid back t-shirts with pretty skirts are great for wearing fashion in a dressed down casual street style that we can all pull off.   
August 03, 2020 — alison dewey
Is Style about age fashion blog

Is Fashion An Age Thing?

Should we stop wearing what we want when we reach a certain age, or is style quite simply timeless and ageless?
August 30, 2018 — alison dewey
How To  Dress For Your Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

Don’t be so hard on yourself!  Most days I hear us ladies put themselves down in some way or another.   We seem to be preconditioned to point out our perceived ‘bad bits’ to each other, never have I heard anyone say what they love about themselves. 

Athletic Body Shape

How To Dress An Athletic Body Shape

So what’s an athletic or rectangle shape, anyway?